NCP Secure Enterprise Servers represent the central components for the Secure Enterprise Clients. They supply the platform for "star-type" access to the corporate network from distributed standalone PCs and branch office networks. Primarily, this places the highest demands on server software performance in larger remote access projects involving several thousand users. The router, bridge, and gateway functionalities that are implemented enable the following operating modes:

  • Direct on the public network (ISDN) as Network Access Server (NAS) / router
  • In the LAN as gateway, e.g. behind an existing IP router in the corporate headquarters, or a branch office, as other side for Secure Enterprise VPN and VPN/PKI Client).

NCP Secure Enterprise Servers allow dial-in connections, as well as dial-out connections. Integrated firewall mechanisms (port filters) ensure reliable protection against unauthorized access. As central components, NCP Secure Enterprise Servers organize and monitor all data streams to and from de-centralized organizational units (teleworkstations and PC networks). Configuration is conveniently handled via the Secure Server Manager (included in the standard scope of delivery).

The software is modular and highly scalable. Thus small, medium-size, and large projects can be handled with one and the same software - simply through upgrades. This also applies for migration to a higher security level. Any PC-based system can be used as hardware. Its capacity will determine the performance of the entire remote access solution.

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