SafeGuard Enterprise Management Center

IT security requires centralized management. Security measures can only be truly effective if security guidelines are configured and implemented consistently. Administrators are faced with specific challenges in this regard: security requirements are not set in stone. Policies must be continually modified to meet ever-changing requirements.

The number and variety of devices and platforms that must be controlled is always increasing. Users continually demand more individual rights and settings enabling them to maximize productively.

SafeGuard Management Center provides you with complete security and management control over all the connected devices and users. This central management console is a functional module of SafeGuard Enterprise, the modular data security suite of Utimaco. It works in conjunction with the SafeGuard Device Encryption module to deliver the highest levels of data security and performance.

With SafeGuard Management Centeryou enforce your security policy throughout the organization. Definitions, implementation, and control are centralized:
  • A role-based management system enables you to define security rules for a large number of user groups, organizational units, and devices.
  • You can distribute your security rules to users’ end devices quickly and conveniently. You can simply continue to use end devices you have set up in Microsoft Active Directory.
  • The reporting and auditing features of provide up-to-date information about the security status of all devices – even in heterogeneous IT environments and guarantees compliance with internal policies and external regulation.
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